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· 3 min read

In accordance with web accessibility standards, the <label> tag is specifically intended for use within Forms. To ensure proper accessibility, WaveMaker is implementing changes to how label widgets are handled. Therefore, the <label> tag used out of the forms will replace with <p>, <h1> to <h6> tags based on the class or type attribute of that element.

· One min read

WaveMaker Release 11.7 is scheduled for the 29th of April 2024 and the release will include an update to Angular 16. This upgrade will enhance your application development experience and performance.

· 5 min read

As part of our endeavor to get better and use the best of the tech stack available, we have upgraded the underlying framework of WaveMaker Studio from AngularJS to latest version of Angular. During this rewrite we also improved the overall user experience of the studio user.


The new studio will be rolled out in a phased manner, see the bottom of this page to know more.

· 2 min read

Deprecation notice for Cordova project type

With the release of 11.6.0, we will start providing minimal support to Cordova projects. However, by June 2024 we will end our complete support for Cordova projects and users will not be provided with any new patches/updates in further releases.


WaveMaker’s support for developing mobile applications was launched in 2015 with Cordova as the underlying framework. But with multiple advancements, in 2022, we released support for creating React Native mobile applications.

Why React Native

With better performance and the latest technology, React Native stands as the first choice for application development. To understand more about how React Native is better than Cordova, see React Native or Cordova.

· 4 min read

Exciting news for WaveMaker developers! The upcoming upgrade of the WaveMaker Web Apps Charting libraries, scheduled for Release 11.5.3 in the fourth week of January 2024, introduces significant improvements derived from both D3.js and NVD3.

This update ensures compatibility with modern web standards and offers a more streamlined experience for developers.

· One min read

WaveMaker Release 11.5 is scheduled for the 4th week of November 2023 and the release will include an update to Angular 15, as well as an upgrade to Node.js 18.16.1.! This is a significant upgrade that will help improve your application development experience and performance.

· 7 min read

Design tokens are platform-agnostic variables. They are the single source of truth for the design system, and all applications that use the design system refer to them.

Design tokens allow designers to make sweeping changes to the look and feel of a product by simply changing the value of a single token. They are typically defined in human-readable formats like JSON or YAML, which makes them easy to understand and maintain.

Design tokens codify design decisions in a way that is easy to enforce, which helps to ensure consistency across all products that use the design system.

· 6 min read

A WaveMaker application can have different services like Database, REST, SOAP, and all these services have API endpoints that are automatically generated by WaveMaker when they are created. So the application can act as a resource-serving microservice and these APIs can be used by other microservices/applications.

These API endpoints are automatically used by the WaveMaker application UI when they are bound to a variable. If the application is secured with a security provider the existing architecture of the WaveMaker app UI already handles the authentication of the APIs i.e., if the UI and services are in the same application.

The WaveMaker application APIs can also be invoked from different clients. To know more about What is Client.

· 2 min read

WaveMaker app security configuration has now migrated from XML-based configuration to Java-based configuration. In earlier versions, the Java beans generated during any security change, using security dialog, used to get saved in the project-security.xml file. With this release, WaveMaker 11.4, project-security.xml and files will be removed from the project and the Java beans will be generated dynamically in the WaveMaker runtime.


Any custom beans related to security written in project-user-spring.xml will continue to work.

· 9 min read

Enabling AA Compliance for web apps built with WaveMaker requires a concerted effort to implement various accessibility standards across our 100+ widget collection. By following WCAG guidelines, using semantic markup, prioritizing keyboard accessibility, ensuring color contrast, providing alternative text for images, and implementing ARIA attributes, developers can create an inclusive and accessible platform for users of all abilities. Continuous testing, documentation, and training further contribute to the platform's commitment to accessibility and enable a seamless and enriching experience for all users.

Although Accessibility is designed for people with disabilities, it helps everyone in general. Accessibility promotes usability. Everyone, in general, can benefit from clear instructions, opportunities to correct form errors, simple visual layouts, high color contrast, and the option to read a transcript or captions to a video or audio recording. Accessibility often describes hardware and software designed to help those who experience disabilities.