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Charting Libraries D3 and NVD3 Update - Action Required

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Exciting news for WaveMaker developers! The upcoming upgrade of the WaveMaker Web Apps Charting libraries, scheduled for Release 11.5.3 in the fourth week of January 2024, introduces significant improvements derived from both D3.js and NVD3.

This update ensures compatibility with modern web standards and offers a more streamlined experience for developers.

Current versionUpdating to

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WaveMaker developers using chart widgets without D3 methods in the ChartOnBeforeRender callback won't be affected by the D3 library upgrade. Their applications will work smoothly without any changes. However, if developers use D3 methods in the callback, the upgrade might impact functionality, requiring adjustments as outlined below to ensure continued operation.

D3.js Version 7

D3.js, a powerful JavaScript library for creating interactive data visualizations, undergoes a major version upgrade from 3.5.7 to 7.8.5, bringing new features and improvements and allowing developers to adapt to the latest changes.

Key Changes in D3.js Version 7

  1. Syntax and Selections
  2. Promises
  3. Immutability
  4. Chaining
  5. Modularity
  6. Axes and Scales
  7. Data Join
  8. Compatibility
  9. Documentation

Syntax and Selections

  • The syntax has evolved to be more concise and adherent to ES6 standards.
  • Method chaining and selections exhibit a more logical and consistent structure.
// D3 v3
d3.selectAll('circle').attr('r', function(d) { return d.radius; });

// D3 v7
d3.selectAll('circle').attr('r', d => d.radius);


D3 v7 embraces Promises for asynchronous operations, simplifying the handling of asynchronous tasks.

// D3 v3
d3.json('data.json', function(error, data) {
// Callback-based approach

// D3 v7
.then(data => {
// Promise-based approach
.catch(error => {
console.error('Error loading data:', error);


D3 v7 introduces immutability to selections, enhancing code predictability and avoiding unexpected side effects.

// D3 v3
var circles = d3.selectAll("circle");
circles.attr("r", 10);"fill", "blue");

// D3 v7
const circles = d3.selectAll("circle")
.attr("r", 10)
.style("fill", "blue");

Implications of Immutability

Consistency and Predictability:

The immutability of selections in D3 v7 leads to more consistent and predictable behavior.

Transitioning and Animation:

Transitions and animations are built on the same immutable foundation, providing clarity and control.

// D3 v3
var circles = d3.selectAll("circle");
circles.transition().duration(1000).attr("r", 20).style("fill", "red");

// D3 v7
const circles = d3.selectAll("circle")
.attr("r", 20)
.style("fill", "red");


Immutability is closely linked to method chaining, allowing concise and readable code.

// D3 v3
var circles = d3.selectAll("circle");
circles.attr("r", 10).style("fill", "blue");

// D3 v7
const circles = d3.selectAll("circle")
.attr("r", 10)
.style("fill", "blue");


D3 v7 embraces modularity, allowing developers to use specific modules without including the entire library.

// D3 v3
// Include the entire library

// D3 v7
import { scaleLinear, axisBottom } from 'd3';

Axes and Scales

While core concepts remain, v7 brings refinements for creating scales and axes, offering more control and customization options.

1.d3.scale.linear() = d3.scaleLinear()
2.d3.scale.ordinal() = d3.scaleOrdinal()
3.d3.svg.arc()= d3.arc()
4.d3.svg.axis.orient('bottom') = d3.axisBottom()
5.d3.event.pageX() = d3.pageX()
6.d3.time.format() = d3.timeFormat()
7.d3.time.Scale() = d3.scaleTime()
9.Changes in Mouse Event Callbacks:
The arguments passed in mouse events callback functions changed
from data, index => event, data, index.
a.In D3 v3, the mouse event callback functions received
data and index as the first and second arguments.
b.In D3 v7, the order is changed, and the callback functions
receive events as the first argument, followed by data and index.

Data Join

D3 v7 enhances the data join pattern for better performance and optimizations.

// D3 v3
var circles = svg.selectAll('circle').data(data);

// D3 v7
var circles = svg.selectAll('circle').data(data)


D3 v7 aligns with modern web standards, integrating seamlessly with other JavaScript tools and frameworks.

// D3 v3
// No native module support

// D3 v7
import { select, scaleLinear } from 'd3';


The documentation for D3 v7 is updated, offering more comprehensive explanations and examples.

// D3 v3
// Limited documentation

// D3 v7
// Well-documented features with examples

NVD3 is a wrapper library over D3 which is also upgraded to incorporate latest changes in D3.

To learn more, see The Comprehensive Migration Guide.