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WaveMaker Releases 10.6 Version

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With WaveMaker 10.6.0 Release on 08 December, 2020, see what’s new, and features that were requested, and reported bugs. To learn about our detailed list of features and fixes, see WaveMaker Release Notes 10.6.0.

Here are some highlights of what's in this release.

What's new

  1. Upgraded to Angular 9

  2. Spring Session Persistence - uses the spring-session-core library for session management

  3. Page Cache - a new flag called Cache is introduced on the Page tag

  4. Retain State for Widgets - to efficiently save and restore UI state

  5. Command-Line for Building Cordova Zip - generate Cordova Zip outside WaveMaker Studio

  6. Alternative to PhoneGap - WM-Cordova-CLI

  7. AppChef App for generating APK and IPA

  8. Public npm Registry

  9. Central Maven Repositories

  10. Up-to-date Libraries

  11. Docker Upgrade

Bug Fixes

Some of the critical bugs have been fixed in the release. See the list of bug fixes of WaveMaker 10.6.

As a modern development team, we are adapting to the latest technology trends. If there is anything you feel WaveMaker should have, do let us know here.

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