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WaveMaker Releases 10.7 Version

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WaveMaker releases the 10.7.0 update on 09 May 2021. For the detailed list of features and fixes, see WaveMaker release notes 10.7.0.

Take a peek into what's new in this release.

What's New

  • Working in branches offers the standard SDLC workflow for making fixes on already released version of your WaveMaker aoo while rest of the team continues sprinting on the next release. You can now create a branch for the released version of the app and make your hotfix on that branch from within WaveMaker. This feature is available in our "Teams" offering.
  • While support for branching requires enhancements to how VCS operates, including how you manage projects, groups, and organizations. See how these changes your current workflow if you are a member of WMO Teams.
  • Are you already a part of the Amazon ecosystem? In that case, we have good news for you. With the support of the Redshift database in WaveMaker, get speedy, high performance, horizontally scalable, with the ability to add massive capacity storage—all in the cloud using clustering model.
  • Are you using SAP HANA in your SAP modules? With SAP HANA implementation in WaveMaker, import the SAP HANA database into your WaveMaker application for seamless integration, supporting the columnar data model. It improves flexibility, performance and uses an in-memory store with the read and editable modes.

  • Limitations to access public servers apply to most organizations. We understand. All the essential UI Artifacts to generate and build an Angular app are published to the npm central repository. Incorporate UI Artifacts and simplify your CI-CD pipeline using the standard npm repo without worrying about firewall restrictions safely.

  • In the times before world changed, and you could go grocery shopping, you knew where to find the items you need as they are neatly classified into categories. A new property called Groupby helps you group and classify data to arrange things systematically. We introduced this property within several widgets, including Select, Search, Chip, Radioset, and Autocomplete.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

In addition to new features, improving the existing ones is just as important. We fixed some critical bug fixes and enhanced several features. See the full list of bug fixes here and enhancements here.

Do you have a great idea of what you'd like to see next? Let us know here.

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