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Announcement about Angular 11 Update

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WaveMaker generates code for applications based on Angular. As part of the continuous improvement efforts, we upgrade WaveMaker to the next major Angular version, 11, in the release 10.11, scheduled for the second week of January 2022.

Current versionUpdating to
Angular 10.2.511.2.14

To learn more, see Angular Version 11 - what's in the release.


Angular 10 is scheduled to end its support by 24th Dec 2021. For more information, see Angular Support Details.

Testing Apps on WaveMaker 10.11 Beta


Applies to WaveMaker Online (WMO) and WaveMaker Enterprise (WME) users.

We invite you to test your applications on the WaveMaker 10.11 beta before officially releasing the 10.11 version. This service is exclusively provided on request. Please get in touch with our support team to access the WaveMaker 10.11 beta service.

The areas change in WaveMaker has been with how lazy loading of JS artifacts work. Our QA team has tested this area, and the release candidate build is now deployed on staging. While testing your applications, pay closer attention to the areas of your application that may be using Prefabs and Partials in particular.

To do

  • Run and test applications containing Prefabs
  • Run and test applications containing Partials

What's Deprecated?

Support of IE 9 and 10 was deprecated in Angular 10 and removed entirely in Angular 11.


This Angular update does not include Ivy Engine but covers critical bug fixes and performance improvements. As part of the process, we continue to use View Engine and will move to use Ivy in the subsequent major release.