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Version: v11.4.3

Enterprise Release


This document applies to Enterprise users only. If you are a WaveMaker Online (WMO) user, see WaveMaker Online Release.

See what's new in WaveMaker—including new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. If you experience bugs or issues, please get in touch with support. We mention your fixes in release notes, and you can track some critical known issues.

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Release History

WaveMaker Enterprise v11.x

Named VersionReleases IncludeWhat's in itRelease Date


- v11.4.2
- v11.4.1
- v11.4.0
New features to improve developer collaboration, including the Core project, API reimport analysis report, and a few React Native features, Live Form, and Database Variables, and more. Also, included enhancements, such as support for language fonts, indication mark in the Select widget, and bug fixes. Includes Dynamic Accordion as a new feature and horizontal display of radio buttons as an enhancement in React Native. It also includes support for Bitbucket 8 VCS provider and timezone in the Date widget along with some other enhancements and bug fixes.03 Oct 2023
v11.3.7- v11.3.7This release includes bug fixes
Includes UI fixes
It also includes support for Bitbucket 8 VCS provider
25 Sep 2023
v11.2.6- v11.2.6This release includes bug fixes
Includes UI fixes
It also includes support for Bitbucket 8 VCS provider
25 Sep 2023
v11.3.6- v11.3.6
- v11.3.5
New features in React Native, such as Multi-theme support, Touch events, Audio widget, RTL Layout, Multiple selections in the List widget, React Native feature enhancements, and other bug fixes. And it also have Enhancements for the Googlemap Prefab, pagination, as well as bug fixes for nested menus, app crashing, and database queries and procedures.14 Aug 2023
v11.3.4- v11.3.4
- v11.3.3
WaveMaker has released a version, 11.3.4, containing bug fixes related to access denied pop-ups and slow loading of the project listing page.14 Jun 2023
v11.3.2- v11.3.2This release includes enhancements related to mobile and bug fixes related to Summary Row, Material 2.0 theme, assigning server port, and more.26 May 2023
v11.3.1- v11.3.1
- v11.3.0
This release includes new features, including Publish to Marketplace and consume, Semantic Versioning support, React Native Lottie file support, loaders and more.04 May 2023
v11.2.5- v11.2.5This release includes bug fixes for accessibility in widgets and In-memory sessions.
Includes UI fixes
20 March 2023
v11.2.4- v11.2.4
- v11.2.3
This release includes bug fixes for Dynamic Data Table infinite scroll pagination and keyboard date picker and along with Fixed the Connectors artifact import issue, which earlier failed and could not run existing connectors.
Includes UI fixes
13 Febraury 2023
v11.2.2- v11.2.2
- v11.2.1
This release includes support to mock imported APIs using MockingBird Server Extension, formatting fixes, Calendar widget accessibility and icon rendering fixes, and user account log out related issues.19 January 2023
v11.2.0- v11.2.0This release includes several new features, including One-click enabling of API Mocking in Studio, the easy discovery of dependencies of services and methods to compose Java API, Single Page App behavior for UI, the Ability to create new projects from VCS repo for Teams users, Update timezones at Pages and Widget level, changes in JDBC connectors, Cordova Android updates, bug fixes, and more.28 November 2022
v11.1.3- v11.1.3
- v11.1.2
- v11.1.1
- v11.1.0
- v11.0.3
- v11.0.2
- v11.0.1
- v10.15.0
- v10.14.0
Includes new features like React Native, Layout and Flex Widget in Cordova, Multi-version Studio, API composer toolkit, API Mock Server extension, pagination for imported APIs, Java 11, SAML library updates, Azure Repos, MTLS for REST APIs, and more. Read more.03 October 2022

WaveMaker Enterprise v10.x

Named VersionReleases IncludeWhat's in itRelease Date
v10.13.2- v10.13.2
- v10.13.1
- v10.13.0
- v10.12.2
- v10.12.1
- v10.12.0
New features and bug fixes12 April 2022
v10.11.2- v10.11.2UI fixes and bug fixes24 January 2022
v10.11.1- v10.11.1Bug fixes12 January 2022
v10.11.0- v10.11.0
- v10.10.3
- v10.10.2
- v10.10.1
New features and bug fixes24 December 2021
v10.10.0- v10.10.0
- v10.9.2
- v10.9.1
- v10.9.0
- v10.8.2
- v10.8.1
New features and bug fixes

- v10.8.1: GoogleMaps Prefab update failure
22 November 2021
v10.8.0- v10.8.0
- v10.7.5
- v10.7.4
- v10.7.3
- v10.7.2
New features and bug fixes16 August 2021
v10.7.1- v10.7.1
- v10.7.0
- v10.6.9
- v10.6.7
- v10.6.6
- v10.6.5
- v10.6.4
- v10.6.3
New features and bug fixes04 June 2021
v10.6.2- v10.6.2Bug fixes25 January 2021
v10.6.1- v10.6.1
- v10.6.0
New features and bug fixes24 December 2020
v10.5.6- v10.5.6
- v10.5.5
- v10.5.4
Bug fixes28 October 2020
v10.5.3- v10.5.3
- v10.5.2
- v10.5.1
- v10.5.0
New features and bug fixes29 July 2020
v10.4.2- v10.4.2
- v10.4.1
- v10.4.0
- v10.3.3
- v10.3.2
New features and bug fixes10 May 2020
v10.3.1- v10.3.1
- v10.3.0
- v10.2.8
- v10.2.7
- v10.2.6
- v10.2.5
- v10.2.4
- v10.2.3
- v10.2.2
- v10.2.1
New features and bug fixes

v10.2.5: UX changes to the subscription account settings page
14 February 2020
v10.2.0- v10.2.0New features and bug fixes11 November 2019
v10.1.2- v10.1.2,
- v10.1.1
Bug fixes25 October 2019
v10.1.0- v10.1.0
- v10.0.4
New features and bug fixes19 August 2019
v10.0.3- v10.0.3
- v10.0.2
- v10.0.1
- v10 GA
- Beta: v10
New features and bug fixes

v10-0-1: Migration bug fixes

v10-0-beta: Try new features and enhancements before 10.GA release
29 May, 2019

Technology Stack

Last updated: v10.13.2

UI Frameworks

DescriptionJS LibraryVersion
JS Bindingjquery3.4.1
MVC Frameworkangular11.2.14
Built-in functionslodash4.17.19
Device support, gestureshammerjs2.0.8

Optimized jQuery-UI library, excluding unwanted components like an accordion, date picker, dialog, progress bar, spinner, tabs, and all jQuery-UI Effects.

Backend Frameworks

DescriptionJava LibraryVersion
Spring Framework 5.3.15 -> 5.3.18
Security frameworkSpring Security5.5.2
Java JSON utilitiesGson2.8.9
DB Persistence libraryHibernate5.5.7.Final
Sample databaseHSQL2.5.1
JSON libraryJackson 2.12.5 ->
Logging frameworkSLF4j1.7.32
Logging ImplementationLog4j22.17.1
Http client libraryHttpComponentshttpclient- 4.5.13
httpmime- 4.5.6
Servlet Framework3.1.0
Database Connection PoolingHikariCP4.0.3

Runtime Environment

Cordova (mobile apps)

This is the default Tomcat runtime support. Apps can be deployed to any standard Java Web Server running on JDK 1.8. For more information, see here.

Older Releases